Sustainability will shape the future of hospitality

Brune Poirson, chief sustainability officer at Accor, discusses the hotel giant's comprehensive sustainability strategy

Jan 29, 2024

The term 'sustainability' has become a prevalent buzzword in the hospitality industry, frequently discussed in interviews, hotel group announcements, and press conferences. However, this doesn't necessarily indicate a widespread commitment to addressing sustainability within the travel and tourism sector. Accor has taken a proactive approach by implementing a sustainability strategy that centers around the three operational pillars of Stay, Eat, and Explore.

Key takeaways

  • Accor is dedicated to revolutionizing hospitality at all levels, encompassing sustainable hotel operations, the sourcing and serving of food in hotels, and the advocacy for new conscious travel practices.
  • Through the establishment of alliances, coalitions, and engagement in local collaborations, the company is adopting innovative paradigms to fortify and future-proof its model, bringing about systemic changes.
  • Accor not only imparts a shared science-based knowledge on sustainability through an ongoing, in-depth learning program but also offers tailored masterclasses, organizes internal and external events, produces quality content, and facilitates inspiring encounters to promote sustainable practices.

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