Tech-driven hospitality

One of the advantages of technology is its capacity to offer choices, enabling touch-less interactions or enhancing human engagement

Apr 2, 2024

Industry experts convened in a virtual forum sponsored by Comcast to discuss how these systems are reshaping the hospitality industry, crafting memorable experiences for guests while boosting operational efficiency and revenue growth for businesses.

Key takeaways

  • A significant advancement in recent years has been the ability to capture guest profiles within reservation systems. This enables personalized services tailored to individual preferences, such as longer seating times, preferred room selections, or charging expenses to a house account with designated gratuity assignments;
  • With access to extensive guest information, there's no longer reliance solely on human memory to fulfill guest preferences. This enhances guest appreciation and recognition while helping to prevent potentially uncomfortable situations or dissatisfied guests;
  • Emerging technologies are facilitating quicker responses to guest needs and reviews. Platforms incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming available to assist operators in responding promptly and effectively.

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