The barriers to next-level revenue growth for hotels

Freeing up time for commercial team leaders to develop strategies will be key in future-proofing revenue performance in 2023

Mar 9, 2023

Industry conferences are filled with thought leaders sharing data and information as well as myriad technology platforms. But attendees primary concern is not access to data, but rather how they can to take that data and translate it to elicit new results within their teams.

Key takeaways

  • Between financial reviews, reporting to their owners and investors, and other internal demands, sales and marketing teams have less time to take deep dives into strategy;
  • Commercial teams have more demands in reporting and reviews not only for internal management, but for owners, investors and other stakeholders;
  • Data is only as good as how it is executed upon. If there's no way to translate and mechanize the information, data gets left behind and teams keep doing what they have always done.

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