The case for a sales and marketing evolution in hospitality

Hotels are moving beyond "heads-in-beds" marketing to creatively place brands in culture

Mar 6, 2023

The best sales and marketing practitioners now are equal parts business driver and cultural navigator, partnerships curator, as well as community diplomat - more of an editor-in-chief energy than just PR, rates, numbers, and spreadsheets.

Key takeaways

  • The most difficult thing for a new property, or a property that is repositioning, is earning an actual place in the cultural conversation - having an active role in important topics related to guest’s interests;
  • The role of sales and marketing also touches new ways of communication, namely content marketing;
  • The best brands know that their marketers need to understand how to read the tricky currents of cultural trends, and figure out how to stretch the brand into the channels, partnerships and adjacencies.

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