The “chainification” of Europe's hotel industry

A new report highlights a “boom” in hotel growth and erosion of independent properties in Europe

Jun 26, 2023

According to the report, Europe is at the beginning of a “chainification” of its hotel industry - starting with France and the U.K. - as the market prominence of chain hotels pushes “relentlessly upwards”, which the report states is coming at the cost of independently owned competitors.

Key takeaways

  •’s report explains how just four international hotel chains are behind almost half of all new hotel construction projects in Europe;
  • A closer look at these figures shows Europe currently has a construction pipeline of over 1,700 hotels and 260,000 rooms, with a record 524 projects at early planning stage;
  • A stated 49 percent of this construction is driven by Accor, Marriott, IHG and Hilton, with hotel chains generally making up 64 percent of all investments for construction projects.

Get the full story at Statista

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