The digital landscape and travel content consumption

Content consumption habits have changed in recent years, partly due to the complexity of the digital travel landscape

Aug 8, 2023

Across the seven countries examined in an Expedia study, on average, travelers view 141 pages of travel content in the 45 days prior to booking a trip. The page views span content across various website categories, with online travel agencies (OTAs) accounting for nearly half of the page views. 

Key takeaways

  • Looking at the top resources for travel research, among those travelers using the resource, nearly three-fourths used search engines, meta travel websites, and social media followed by destination websites and OTAs;
  • For travelers who booked on a hotel website or app, nearly two-thirds (61%) visited an OTA during their journey;
  • Travelers using OTAs for research and planning highlights the importance of having a brand presence beyond your owned websites and incorporating other platforms, such as OTAs, into your strategy to stay top of mind.

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