The evolving role of AI in hotel bookings

Hotels must understand the guest journey beyond simple conversion rates, emphasizing the necessity for a hotel website to transcend the role of a mere digital brochure

Feb 13, 2024

Your Netflix is different from mine; your Amazon is different from mine. The world has moved on but why are we still stuck with this concept of a hotel website needing to just be like a brochure where there is nothing dynamic? There is nothing personalized, it is a brochure. It is a digital brochure with a plug-in booking engine and hotel strategy at that point seemed to just be shouting book direct at everybody.

Key takeaways

  • What you ought to do is have a better understanding of what a typical guest journey looks like, and then ultimately design a way of engaging the guests by aligning with their journey, rather than just shouting book direct at everybody;
  • An AI-driven recommender engine employs real-time data analysis, of visitor behavior, preferences, and demographics, to comprehend guest journeys, providing personalized recommendations and marketing strategies tailored to individual preferences;
  • From personalized room rates in preferred currencies to targeted reviews and promotions, personalized e-commerce showcases the importance of delivering relevant content and offers to guests, fostering deeper connections, and driving higher conversion rates.

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