The future of hotels

Hotels are moving away from the pure ‘people serving people’ model towards a more high-tech low-touch business, and doubling down on digitalization

May 12, 2023

Hotels are going to take back the Imagine part of the guests’ journey from OTA, search, and social platforms by carefully curating informationally and emotionally engaging messages, beamed directly to past guests using sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and to future guests who have clicked on, liked, or forwarded their messages on multiple legacy and social media channels.

Key takeaways

  • With ‘book direct’ campaigns going into overdrive at most hotel companies, building a one-to-one relationship to enable a smart and customized ‘one-click’ Book capability via mobile apps are going to be more the norm than the exception;
  • Self-service, a frowned upon brand standard for hotels, especially at the high end, for example: espresso machines in luxury hotels, already prevalent in several luxury hotels, is going to be much more prevalent during the Stay stage enabled by intuitive, tailored, and easy to use smart technology of all kinds;
  • Real-time guest feedback systems via instant messaging systems, attended to 24 hours, will become the more prevalent form of dialog between guest and host hotel staff to Report all requests, service failures and overall satisfaction.

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