The impact of TripAdvisor reviews on hotel bookings

Research has shown that consumers rely on four common attributes when evaluating online reviews: usefulness, valence, volume, and timeliness

Apr 30, 2024

Online reviews now play a crucial role in shaping people’s decisions when booking hotels. Different age groups are influenced by review characteristics in unique ways, making it advantageous to leverage this understanding for more targeted marketing efforts across generations.

Key takeaways

  • Hotels can encourage guests to leave reviews by offering incentives like exclusive souvenirs, prompting them to share their positive experiences promptly;
  • Hotels can be proactive in noting guests’ interactions during their stay, such as their visits to restaurants, to tailor follow-up communications more effectively;
  • Staff members can ask guests about their experiences during their stay to address any issues promptly, potentially leading to more balanced and detailed reviews after constructive interventions have been made.

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