The imperative of data-driven decision making in hospitality

The hospitality industry must heed the call for data-driven decision-making and take action to harness the vast amounts of data at its disposal

Apr 16, 2024

As technology becomes essential for a hotel’s daily operations, a recent webinar brought together tech providers, a consultant, and a hotelier to discuss using data analytics, personalization, and automation to enhance guest experiences and streamline hotel operations.

Key takeaways

  • Data-driven decision-making is essential: Utilizing data effectively allows hotels to make informed decisions, improve sales efficiency, and optimise budget allocation;
  • Evolving personalization: Personalization in the hospitality industry has moved beyond basic gestures to using detailed guest data for tailored experiences;
  • Lean luxury through technology: “Lean luxury” focuses on providing high-quality, essential services and experiences through efficient operations.

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