The state of hotel technology in 2023

Don't be fooled by the latest hype but rather look at the specific guest journey of your property and offer solutions that will be relevant to your guests

Apr 21, 2023

Between the post-pandemic boom in travel to the maturation of some technology and the proliferation of other new technology, 2023 could shape up to be an inflection point for our industry, as many technologies are converging to meet guest behaviors and expectations, transforming the current state of hotel technology into something that takes the industry as a whole into the next stage of evolution.

Key takeaways

  • Building or upgrading the tech stack of a hotel is similar to building a house: if your foundation is fragile, you can build on top of it;
  • New startups were popping up like mushrooms and building mobile apps that were very quick to market, causing hotels to surf the “contactless anything” wave;
  • Guests have become accustomed to having everything at their fingertips, using their mobile phones and tablets, and QR codes are a big part of this.

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