The wellness wellspring

The Global Wellness Institute projects that the wellness tourism sector could outpace traditional tourism growth substantially

Jan 29, 2024

A Wellcation is more than a typical getaway; it's a transformative journey emphasizing holistic healing. This trend emerged in response to a global focus on health and wellness, accelerated by post-pandemic travel shifts. Today's travelers seek experiences that nurture mental and physical well-being.

Key takeaways

  • Wellcations go beyond traditional wellness activities, including adventure wellness, cultural immersion, digital detox, luxury spa retreats, nature, and eco-wellcations.
  • Hotels and resorts adapt to cater to wellness-oriented travelers, offering specialized programs and sustainable, eco-friendly amenities.
  • Wellcations signal a shift in travel, highlighting the traveler's overall health. This trend not only influences individual choices but also transforms the hospitality industry.

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