The wholehearted traveler

Travelers in 2024 are seeking purpose, meaning, impact, and connection through travel - as a result, they are more open to experiential travel

Nov 29, 2023

Today, travelers choose destinations, travel companions, and activities with purpose. They are demanding meaning, impact and connection from every aspect of their trips. These underlying motivations for travel reveal the wholehearted traveler’s trip means more to them now. Travel is higher stakes when the criteria for a trip goes beyond simply “getting away.”

Key takeaways

Because the travel experience is connected to purpose, the wholehearted traveler will be less forgiving when the experience basics are not covered;

Because it is higher stakes travel for our guests, it is also a higher stakes game for those of us designing and delivering experiences for them;

Delivering on those expectations starts with understanding who we are encountering at each journey stage. And how their expectations are evolving in the coming year.

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