TikTok increasingly becomes the trip before the trip

The platform's growing user base has led to an explosion of travel content, driving the culture of travel

Jun 8, 2023

According to a TikTok commissioned survey on travel in South-east Asia last year, 80 per cent of TikTok users agree that the platform had inspired them to travel. About 70 per cent of them also indicated that they like to share their travel experiences with others on TikTok.

Key takeaways

  • Rich and diverse subcultures arising from hashtags, such as #familytravel and #streetfood, managed to garner billions of views, because of the community’s shared interest in the topics;
  • TikTok’s research also identified five key personas among its users – nature lovers (68%), culture seekers (64%), foodies (57%), event-goers (57%) and luxury travelers (29%);
  • Currently, there is a mix of targeting techniques and options available on TikTok such as interest, behavior, hashtag targeting and even contextual targeting, where brands are able to place their advertisement or branded content before and after a piece of relevant content to target these personas.

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