TikTok’s pros and cons for travel

Even if social commerce in travel succeeds in doubling in the next few years, it will account for barely 5% of total e-commerce sales

Mar 24, 2023

Skeptics wonder if it will ever be more than a captivating sideshow, better at enticing engagement than boosting bottom lines. Yet boosting brand loyalty through social media may be enough for travel, at least for now.

Key takeaways

  • In its recent report Influencers and Social Commerce in Travel, Phocuswright warns of how a changing digital advertising landscape threatens to leave travel behind;
  • The fashion and beauty industries are already far ahead of travel in social commerce, making considerable headway and reaping the benefits;
  • A big believer in TikTok, Kayak's goal is to entertain, to inform, to delight, and TikTok as a platform does that exceptionally well.

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