Travel agents embrace generative AI

Generative AI is already proving helpful for leisure-focused travel agencies, and its potential is enormous

Sep 7, 2023

Creating a detailed itinerary for a weeklong trip would have previously taken a travel agent days. Now they can get input from generative AI in moments, then spend 30 minutes to an hour curating it and supplementing it with their own knowledge and client needs.

Key takeaways

  • Generative AI is also helping advisors with client interactions by bring up information quickly, especially when they don't know a destination very well;
  • Potential AI use cases are seen in every part of a travel agent's business, from streamlining processes and procedures to education, events and beyond;
  • But users warn that content created by generative AI needs a human hand to be finalized - "it gives you 75%, and then adjust from there."

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