Hospitality industry won't win 'junk fee' fight

The junk fee issue has gone mainstream and the hospitality industry has no choice in how to respond

Aug 2, 2023

In an open letter to the travel industry, Skift's Rafat Ali discusses the prevalence of junk fees in various industries, particularly in the travel sector such as airlines and hotels. Junk fees refer to hidden fees that were not widely known until recently but have now become mainstream.

Key takeaways

  • While some additional fees may be justified, such as allowing customers to pay separately for specific services, charging extra for basic or essential items is not acceptable;
  • Some companies, like Airbnb, have taken steps to increase transparency in pricing by displaying the full price upfront during searches;
  • According to Rafat Ali, the travel industry should not resist eliminating junk fees and urges CEOs to address the issue publicly and commit to providing full transparency to customers.

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