Travel is now a content art form

Pinterest head of travel Ash Rajawat says helping consumers find inspiration should be the ultimate goal for travel brands

Sep 26, 2023

Travel is now more than just a means to reach a destination. It’s evolved into a content art form, an experience to be savoured and, importantly, shared. More widely, this has allowed for more destinations to be opened up to the traveler’s eye than ever before.

Key takeaways

  • Searches for the likes of “family holiday” or “backpacking destinations” have increased on Pinterest as people look for travel that’s tailored to their circumstances, before they search for a destination;
  • Rather than viewing inspiration solely as the first step, travel brands need to recognize that their goal should be to help consumers find it. From this point, the customer journey is set to be decisive, ending in a clear action – a booking.
  • As travel continues to evolve, it is important for travel brands to recognize that their ultimate purpose should not be limited to selling trips and accommodation. The goal for travel brands should be to inspire consumers.

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