TikTok is coming for travel

The platform has become an influential force in travel discovery. Selling travel more directly would make it formidable

Mar 8, 2024

Millions of people look to TikTok every day to plan their next vacation. So airlines, destination marketers, and hotels create short videos on the platform to influence final booking decisions. Skift talks to TikTok's Stuart Flink at ITB Berlin on top trends, longer videos and the future of booking trips.

Key takeaways

  • Over 60% of users in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland say they’re likely to book a holiday based on recommendations they’ve seen on TikTok;
  • While travel is such an important part, the second most popular reason to book is not just excursions but food and drink;
  • TikTok sees commerce as a really important part of its growth. Beauty and fashion are right now the areas where most people are thriving. Travel will most likely come soon.

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