Travel SEO in a world of AI “answer engines”

Expect a world with vastly fewer organic search clicks once Google starts to answer informational queries itself

Oct 2, 2023

Google intends to turn itself from a search engine into an “answer engine.” Instead of the familiar pages of blue links to third party websites, Google will now provide an AI generated response and a chatbot interface.

Key takeaways

  • Instead of millions of pages of search results, we’ll have a tiny number of “read more” citations within or alongside the AI answers that link out to a handful of source websites;
  • Getting featured in those citations will be the new SEO, driven by an entirely new set of ranking factors which have been outlined over 2023 by keen Google watchers;
  • Travel sites and publishers who rely on organic traffic will need to have a good think about how well their content actually answers specific queries, potentially removing content that could be seen as unhelpful.

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