Travelers have suffered the most from modern technology's impact

In a world of room key card failures and air traffic control meltdowns, vacationers are bearing the brunt of our obsession with innovation

Sep 21, 2023

Technology has significantly revolutionized various aspects of the travel industry. Consider automated booking systems, seat selection, GPS navigation, facial recognition replacing manual passport checks, translation apps, Apple AirTags for luggage tracking, flight tracking tools, and airport security scanners. These technological advancements undeniably streamline and expedite travel processes, but they can also turn into a nightmare when they malfunction, and this is becoming a growing concern.

Key takeaways

  • Cybersecurity threats are increasingly targeting travel-related computer systems. In fact, a 2022 Threat Intelligence Report by Check Point Research revealed a 60% rise in global attacks against organizations in the tourism and leisure sector from January to June 2022, compared to the first half of 2021;
  • Travel has become considerably more complex. In the past, hotel rooms were equipped with simple amenities like heaters for cold weather and fans for warmth. Nowadays, you may encounter an intricate air conditioning/heating panel that seems to require a Ph.D. in deciphering hieroglyphics;
  • Although technology has brought about enhanced efficiency and convenience, it has also led to the centralization of critical infrastructure and control systems. This centralization can exacerbate disruptions when issues arise. Recent failures emphasize the urgent need for improved cybersecurity measures and, possibly, a reduced reliance on centralized networks.

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