Travelport on how digital transformation is changing travel

Traditionally, the travel sector lacked an easy, intuitive retailing experience, but technology and modern applications are now overcoming these challenges

Jan 29, 2024

The landscape of travel search, booking, and services is undergoing a transformation. The industry is quick to adapt, with travel distribution becoming more modern to cope with the increasing complexity of the travel ecosystem and the constantly changing pricing and itinerary options for travelers.

Key takeaways

  • As generative AI gains prominence, one of the major challenges in the travel industry is managing the risks associated with the use of personal data. Privacy concerns arise due to the highly sensitive nature of the data involved in the industry.
  • The current challenge lies in ensuring the protection of information while still enabling travelers to enjoy seamless check-in and other personalized services. Striking this delicate balance is a complex task.
  • Looking beyond AI, a significant challenge for the travel sector is the adoption of top-notch security technologies for identity and authentication. This includes implementing established measures like two-factor authentication, as well as adhering to standards such as single sign-on and OAuth (open authorization).

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