Travelzoo launches members-only service

The company launched Travelzoo Meta, a members-only service offering 'groundbreaking' Metaverse travel experiences

Sep 15, 2023

Travelzoo META's experiences are intended to allow its members to explore hard-to-reach corners of the world, like summiting Mount Everest, or travel back in time, to Ancient Rome perhaps. They can also discover new spaces beyond imagination. All this is possible using a mobile or desktop device and a simple browser.

Key takeaways

  • With its launch, Travelzoo META opened registrations for Founding Membership. Founding Members of Travelzoo META will have the opportunity to be the first to experience travel in the Metaverse;
  • Each Founding Member will also be entitled to one of the world's first personality-based, emotionally-driven Travel Companions (NFTs) that match their personal Metaverse travel style;
  • he Metaverse is expected to have a major impact on the travel industry and change travel experiences for consumers.

Learn more at Travelzoo Meta

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