Trends to watch in global hotel distribution

The hotel distribution landscape is facing potential transformation, driven in part by the entry of fintech and big banks

Jun 7, 2023

As the industry looks ahead, several other key factors such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data privacy, regulatory changes, and evolving distribution channels could shape the strategies of global hotel distribution, according to a new HSMAI report.

Key takeaways

  • The involvement of fintech companies and big banks in the hotel distribution landscape is an indicator of the growing opportunities in the market;
  • Regulatory and legal frameworks are evolving which impact on all parts of the travel distribution industry and the effect on the major players in this space is particularly noteworthy;
  • The intersection of contracting and data ownership in distribution raises complex questions about the sharing and control of information by organizations;
  • AI is poised to redefine hotel distribution strategies. From optimizing pricing and inventory management to personalizing guest experiences, AI can supply valuable insights and streamline processes;
  • The hotel industry’s exploration of attribute-based selling reflects a trend towards more sophisticated selling methods.

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