Tripadvisor's new strategy comes into focus

Today the company monetizes only a fraction of its audience, largely through its hotel meta offering

May 5, 2023

Tripadvisor says it's the world’s leading travel guidance platform and is making changes to improve planning tools - and eventually they may incorporate generative AI - and introducing new formats to increase monetization and user engagement.

Key takeaways

  • Tripadvisor made some changes to the app home page to make it more effective and bring users into the experience, elevating the search bar, being more deliberate about driving qualified traffic;
  • The company is already seeing higher click-through rates, a reduction in bounce rates, and double-digit improvements on review completion and photo submissions;
  • Some of the product changes were the largest in five years, and effected its core segment, which includes hotel metasearch auction, media business including sponsored placements, as well as Tripadvisor experiences and Tripadvisor restaurant reservations.

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