Urgency for hospitality industry to lower carbon footprint

The hotel industry remains above the “average” line of CO2 emissions, according to a recent report by CBRE Hotels Research

Apr 17, 2023

CBRE’s study revealed the hotel industry sits at 96 on the CO2 scale as of March 2023 in its April report. According to CBRE’s research, industries such as hotels, retail establishments, healthcare and leisure lodging all exceed the average line of approximately 80, spotlighting a global need to rein in carbon production.

Key takeaways

  • According to CBRE, hotel companies generally include energy efficiency, carbon emission, water conservation and waste reduction among their key areas of focus for climate-related initiatives;
  • CBRE’s report noted a greater need for consistent reporting within a standard framework for hotel industry stakeholders to understand and benchmark performance in relation to environmental, social, and governance targets;
  • Using the same Top 25 countries and reporting scale, CBRE’s research showed France, Colombia and the UK among the lowest producers of carbon per occupied room, while Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Indonesia are among the highest carbon producers per occupied room.

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