Utilizing Expedia’s ad tools for cultural event demand

New data released by Expedia Group shows the impact of its advertising tools in boosting its travel partners’ visibility and revenue during popular events

Apr 12, 2024

The OTA’s TravelAds targeting is based on real-time travel intent and demand data, helping partners identify the most valuable travelers for their hotel.

Key takeaways

  • Properties running a campaign using its TravelAds tool, globally, receive 90% more visibility and 120% more bookings than non-enrolled properties, Expedia says;
  • Significant boosts in bookings and revenue were also recorded during major events last year for Expedia partners using TravelAds and Flight Sponsored Listings;
  • Hotels using TravelAds in the areas around Wimbledon, London, during the Grand Slam tennis tournament saw an average boost in revenue of almost 30% last summer.

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