Welcome to Hotel Netflix?

Today's modern guests don't just want to make a reservation. They want their preferences, interests and needs to be understood by their brands

May 24, 2023

They are used to this from brands such as Netflix with its personalized user interface, as well as from Amazon or Starbucks. What's more, they are willing to pay a premium if the value of an experience is considered unique. Accordingly, brands that have recognized this achieve an additional profit of 10% to 30%.

Key takeaways

  • Today’s bookings systems still require guests to book a room before purchasing something else, or not a room at all;
  • To achieve a personalized purchasing journey, intelligent retailing removes the dependency to book a room first, and enable the guest to book anything in any order;
  • This includes a typical hotel room to be broken down in those selling features that create it - the very idea of attribute-based selling.

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