What are the benefits of booking hotels direct?

J.D. Power research suggests that guests who book directly with a hotel chain have a better overall experience

Jan 12, 2023

J.D. Power’s latest analysis suggests that travelers who book a hotel directly get slightly better customer service, and get more bang for their buck, as hotels may offer incentives for customers to buy directly from them - including lower prices, extra loyalty points, special offers and other perks.

Key takeaways

  • The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel, guests who book directly can also get a taxi ride to the airport at no extra charge;
  • Guests at the Eastern Slope Inn in New Hampshire who book their reservation on the hotel’s website have access to the best rooms in the house;
  • CitizenM, a hotel chain that caters to young companies and knowledge workers, offers discounts and perks through its free and paid membership programs.

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