What’s trending in hotels for 2024

More and more guests look beyond chain hotel groups and seeking out independent and boutique properties that connect on a personal level

Dec 21, 2023

Going into 2024, there are some emerging hospitality trends that travel advisors and hotel managers are noticing, as accommodations is increasingly a key part of any trip.

Key takeaways

  • Sustainability is now a key consideration in travel discussions, especially in hospitality. For hotels, this means adopting eco-friendly practices and positively impacting local communities;
  • Travelers prefer hotels with unique designs, furnishings, and locally sourced amenities. To avoid the tourist label, hotels should collaborate with local artisans and businesses;
  • The "high tech, high touch" concept reminds hotels that technology should enhance, not replace, human service. Guests seek maximum value for their money, emphasizing the importance of hotels clearly demonstrating their value proposition.

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