When hospitality meets haute couture

Around the globe, airlines and hotels are collaborating with top fashion houses to reshape brand narratives

Feb 16, 2024

Hotels are stepping up their uniform game with creative collaborations that evoke a distinct sense of place. These fashion collaborations do more than just establish a visual identity by designing a “collection,” not a uniform, a subtle rhetorical shift to get staff more excited about dressing up for work.

Hospitality brands are also carving out space for individual expression and choice, by taking a progressive leap in offering the crew a diverse range of options, from trousers to dresses and skirts; pieces that form a multifaceted mosaic in the crew's attire.

Ultimately, the focus of these uniforms is on the people who wear them. They are, after all, the best brand ambassadors: the first smile a traveler encounters when they step on the plane or touch down in a new city. So, if that first impression leaves a lasting impression - and if guests find inspiration for their own wardrobes along the way - all the better.

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