Why new technology is coming to hotels

A new survey shows technology is the top priority of hotel operators amid the labor crunch

Oct 6, 2023

As demand returns in the coming years, the acute shortage of workers needs to be urgently addressed. The goal isn’t necessarily to restore the workforce to pre-pandemic levels, losing some of the relevant efficiencies gained, but rather to bring it back to a level where they can operate effectively to a required standard with the support of technology.

Key takeaways

  • Key functions where hotels struggle to find talent, such as food and beverage and front desk, are expected to gain most from new technologies;
  • For hotel owners, the investment in technology is a sound business case that not only brings financial efficiencies, but also achieves a sustainable value proposition in their hotel assets, assisted by technology;
  • Productivity gains from these investments are crucial, especially in times of rising cost pressures.

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