AI in Hotel Marketing: Applications and perspectives

A group of industry experts from leading hotel chains discussed the influence of artificial intelligence on hotel marketing during a FITUR panel in Madrid

Feb 9, 2024

The panel delved into the evolution of data significance, shifting from structured databases to present-day capabilities of understanding customers on an individualized level to propel customer-centric initiatives forward. Artificial intelligence facilitates streamlined analysis of customer profiles, thereby enhancing marketing and revenue strategies.

Key takeaways

  • The industry's pivot towards prioritizing data underscores AI's reliance on analyzing relevant data for informed, profitable decisions.
  • Generative AI presents an opportunity to scale personalization and automation, enhancing customer experiences and streamlining internal processes. Many AI applications concentrate on capturing the voice of the customer to synthesize, focus, and prioritize improvement areas, clarifying where enhancements are needed and at what priority.
  • Additionally, machine learning's application in personalizing digital storefronts enhances customer engagement and boosts conversion metrics. This success extends to email marketing and display campaigns, rendering advertising management more efficient through personalized creatives.

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