Airbnb to pay Italy €576m to settle tax dispute

The amount relates to money the company had failed to collect in income taxes owed by people who rented out properties on its platform

Dec 14, 2023

Last month, an Italian judge ordered the seizure of €779.5m from Airbnb's European headquarters in Ireland for alleged tax evasion for the 2017-21 tax years. The firm has agreed to pay about three-quarters of what is owed by thousands of landlords.

Key takeaways

  • In 2022, Airbnb, which has been operating in the country since 2008, challenged the Italian law that requires short-term rental providers to withhold 21% of the rental income from landlords and pay it to tax authorities;
  • The company argued that this law on taxation contravened the EU's principle of freedom to provide services across the 27-country bloc;
  • But the EU Court of Justice ruled that Airbnb must abide by the law.

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