Curation in travel

Sojern wades into the pool of cookieless solutions to talk about curation – and why the deprecation of third-party cookies will actually prove to be a good thing

May 23, 2024

Third-party cookies have been a targeting tool for marketers for nearly 30 years. But soon that will change. At some point in time (at this point it’s anyone’s guess when) Google Chrome will follow on the heels of Safari and Firefox, and deprecate third-party cookies in the interest of consumer privacy.

Key takeaways

Without third-party cookies, post-view attribution as we know it will be gone, retargeting will be a huge challenge, and everything we know about targeting and attribution reporting will change;

But here’s the thing: consumers also want personalization, and third-party cookies don’t offer that, so we must find a better way to retarget potential travelers;

Targeting without third-party cookies will certainly be a challenge, but with that change comes opportunity. With curation, the travel marketing industry is rising to the occasion.

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