Expedia on unlocking the value of AI in travel

The OTA build a new intelligent shopping feature that solves common traveler pain points and completely revolutionize how we plan, shop, and book a trip

Jul 18, 2023

Over the last two years, Expedia has re-architected its entire tech platform. This has enabled it to cultivate an AI-first culture from the top down, take advantage of the 70 petabytes of high-quality data it has on traveler behavior, booking patterns and partner needs, deeply root AI in everything it does and innovate new products much faster.

Key takeaways

  • Conversational planning with generative AI: In April, Expedia introduced conversational trip planning powered by ChatGPT in its iOS app, available for Android later this month alongside some new features;
  • Machine learning-assisted hotel shopping: Hotels.com’s smart shopping technology offers new features in the app such as a hotel comparison tool so travelers can compare up to five hotels side by side on price, rating, amenities and more;
  • AI supported customer service: Built on natural language processing and understanding, virtual agent helps travelers resolve their questions faster.

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