Generative AI is a game changer for hospitality customer experience

Generative AI heralds a new era of hospitality by helping companies craft more personal and seamless experiences for travelers, according to lead strategists of Capgemini

Mar 4, 2024

Capgemini has identified several use cases for the hospitality sector that best exploit the technology's strengths across the customer lifecycle.

Key takeaways

  • Quickly and dynamically generating multimedia-based content such as marketing campaigns or offers, all personalized to each customer;
  • Using generative AI-powered chat bots that interact with guests in a more natural and empathic manner to provide superior self-service solutions;
  • Levering insights from previous interactions with the guest to create personalized recommendations for restaurants, entertainment venues, activities, or other experiences;
  • Acting as a real-time translator to remove potential communication barriers for international travelers;
  • Connect with other technology to make stays more comfortable, like setting the room temperature, providing keyless entry, and organizing in-room entertainment preferences;
  • Analyzing customer sentiments and assisting hotel operations to improve engagement strategies and customer issues.

Download the full report at Capgemini

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