Hospitality that benefits people and the planet

Five of McKinsey’s travel and hospitality experts envision the hotel industry of the 2030s

Jul 31, 2023

When you walk into your hotel, the staff will greet you by name, know your travel preferences, and anticipate your needs. Almost every aspect of your stay will be personalized to your tastes, and you can reconfigure your room at any time to make it suitable for work, exercise, socializing, or sleep. For all leading hotel brands, the well-being of both guests and employees - and the health of the planet - will be top priorities.

Key takeaways

  • As hotels and travel companies seek to respond to travelers’ evolving habits and preferences, technology will play a central role. Industry innovators foresee the rise of new and more efficient ways to plan, book, and enjoy hotel stays;
  • Virtual, immersive user experiences powered by extended reality (XR) could transform travel - but some traveler touchpoints are more ripe for disruption than others. The most promising use cases are focused on specific steps in the traveler journey;
  • The main use cases for tourism in the metaverse lie in pretrip and in-trip steps of the traveler journey.

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