Hotel industry must take a 'quantum leap' in innovation

Status quo will no longer be good enough and industry players that can invest in the next generation of hospitality must do so for everyone to thrive

Jun 30, 2023

The need for innovation was top of mind for experts in both hotel industry marketing and technology during the first full day of both the 2023 HITEC conference and HSMAI's Marketing Strategy Conference.

Key takeaways

  • Hoteliers are no longer satisfied playing catch-up when it comes to technology. It's long been a commonly held belief that the hotel industry lags behind other businesses in terms of tech adoptions;
  • It's past time that hotels aspire to being on the same level other industries such as retail and airlines, but the next phase of growth for the industry will require being more technologically advanced than their peers;
  • Hotel chains that are investing tens of millions of dollars, some hundreds of millions of dollars, have got to go and take a quantum leap into this century but at the next level and be sure that they do what's best for the guest and consumer.

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