@hotel launches DM concierge feature

This innovative service reimagines the traditional concept of a hotel concierge, adapting it to the digital era

Feb 27, 2024

Through a simple Instagram DM, members can access personalized travel recommendations, combining the convenience of modern technology with the personalized touch of classic concierge service.

Key takeaways

  • @hotel, known initially as Tripscout and rebranded in 2022, has taken the concierge concept and transformed it for the social media age;
  • Its new DM Concierge Service is a significant leap from the traditional concierge's desk. It breaks down the barriers of time and location, allowing travelers to receive tailored travel advice from anywhere, at any time, through their smartphones;
  • What sets @hotel's DM Concierge Feature apart is its personalized, human-led approach. Unlike the impersonal nature of some digital services, @hotel's team offers real human interaction and support 24/7 across various channels like WhatsApp, email, DM, and phone.

Get the full story at Forbes and @hotel

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