Hotels grapple with AI's implications

AI is not a panacea, but it is fast becoming interconnected to most hotel-related tools and applications

Dec 5, 2023

Consider ChatGPT, its potential applications for the hotel industry are several: it can speed response rates to customer requests, provide customization, reduce certain customer service needs provided by humans, improve SEO - which can all lead to higher customer satisfaction rates and better experiences.

Key takeaways

  • One practical application could be delivered through a hotel’s app, where guests can have access to local recommendations based on persona, such as restaurants and retail;
  • Or, like a virtual operator, it can respond to customer inquiries, while continually learning and becoming smarter with each interaction;
  • Hyatt Hotels is already leveraging AI across its more than 25 brands to apply it in a way that enhances the guest experience and betters profit for owners. The company has been investing in software powered by AI and machine learning for several years.

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