How Airbnb disperses travel in Europe’s major cities

New data shows the impact of Airbnb’s flexible search features on diverting bookings away from Europe’s most saturated tourist hotspots

Jun 27, 2023

The company is sharing a first-ever analysis of Airbnb and OpenStreetMap data to highlight how the platform is supporting sustainable travel trends by dispersing guests and benefits within cities and beyond the world’s most oversaturated tourist hotspots to new, trending and less crowded communities.

Key takeaways

  • Airbnb believes that dispersal is a key part of the solution to the challenges posed by mass tourism trends: distributing guests, income and benefits within and across destinations to less-crowded neighbourhoods within cities, and to places that don’t typically benefit;
  • Globally, listings on Airbnb are more dispersed than ever, and while hotels are concentrated in historic tourist hotspots, Airbnb is bringing pounds and tourism to diverse places not served by traditional hospitality;
  • New global data shows that guests booking stays using Airbnb’s flexible search features are significantly less likely to stay in the most popular destinations on Airbnb, compared to those booking via traditional search.

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