How generative AI will change sales

Digital and inside sales continue to take over many tasks that field salespeople used to do, especially for familiar purchases

Apr 4, 2023

Sales teams have typically not been early adopters of technology, but generative AI may be an exception to that. Sales work typically requires administrative work, routine interactions with clients, and management attention to tasks such as forecasting.

Key takeaways

  • Sales is primed to quickly become a leading adopter of generative AI, with AI-powered systems on the way to becoming every salesperson’s (and every sales manager’s) indispensable digital assistant;
  • Sales is well-suited to the capabilities of generative AI models, as it is interaction and transaction intensive, producing large volumes of data, including text from email chains, audio of phone conversations, and video of personal interactions;
  • The creative and organic nature of selling creates immense opportunities for generative AI to interpret, learn, link, and customize.

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