How Hilton maximized results with full-funnel marketing campaigns

Customers are reevaluating their approach to travel, and the hotel brand has been actively engaged in exploring consumer preferences

Dec 18, 2023

Full-funnel strategy is knowing that every moment counts, and that is bringing awareness, consideration, intent, and conversion to booking, all in one plan that delivers results. At a time when consumers are thinking and behaving differently about travel, Hilton's approach to full-funnel marketing drove marked uplifts across the board, including awareness, consideration, intent, and booking conversions.

Key takeaways

  • Customers are rethinking travel, and the hotel brand, focused on consumer exploration, found that the quality of the stay can make or break a trip;
  • Central to their strategy was video, as over 60% of the audience regularly uses YouTube;
  • Hilton aimed to identify the right creative content for specific audiences, employing different targeting technologies and Google AI to ensure precise messaging alignment.

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