How hoteliers plan to tackle trends and troubles

On stage at the recent 2023 Indie Lodging Congress, executives said they're keeping a close eye on labor, technology and personalization

Nov 15, 2023

Strategies that some hoteliers are keeping in their front pockets include apprenticeship programs to address labor, artificial intelligence to streamline operations and the guest experience and storytelling to increase personalization.

Key takeaways

  • The industry needs to improve in how it gets people excited for their careers. And keeping them engaged once they enter the industry through transparency from leadership;
  • To help manage productivity and a seamless guest experience, the industry needs to lean on technology. Not necessarily via AI but an excellent CRM platform, that is able to deliver a personalized guest experience;
  • The top line is to create experiences that people can feel value in and it gets monetized. Hotels want revenue share. They'll find ways through efficiencies, through the use of technology, through design services.

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