How hotels will charge more for the same room

Thanks to attribute based pricing, the sales process for hotel rooms will change more in the next two years than in the last 25

Apr 5, 2023

A room nearer the elevator, a right justified room, a view of this street not that street, or one with a slightly larger television.

Virtually all of the above will soon become selling points in the strategic hotel vision of moving from boring room categories like standard, deluxe, or suite to newly unlocked opportunities to charge different prices for what would’ve previously been considered the same room type, by charging for exactly what you want instead.

Key takeaways

  • Hilton championed their new “attribute based” sales technology built in the cloud which aims to make it easier for guests to get exactly what they want out of a hotel stay, particularly when booking direct;
  • The ability to charge even just $5 more for a specific feature of a specific room within a previously “one sized” room type across millions of nights booked, brings in millions in new revenue potential;
  • Being able to commoditize even the smallest unique room features and turn them into small pricing differences can really add up at scale. Typically, that’s meant customers paying more, but from a loyalty perspective, it’s a great opportunity to reward valued members more too.

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