KPMG: Generative AI and the labour market

Retail, hospitality, construction and manufacturing are among the jobs expected to experience “almost no impact”

Jul 3, 2023

A report by KPMG UK estimated that 2.5% of all tasks within the UK economy would be affected by generative AI, although that proportion soars for creative professionals, with 43% of tasks performed by authors, writers and translators susceptible to their work being automated.

Key takeaways

  • The report finds a modest but significant impact from Generative AI, identifying 2.5% of overall tasks that could be performed by AI, with 40% of UK jobs seeing some impact1 from the technology;
  • KPMG expects around half of the displacement impact of Generative AI to be offset by the creation of new tasks within the affected jobs;
  • The company identify three main applications of Generative AI in the workforce: classification and summary tasks, technical content creation and subjective works, which may increase the risk of future automation for non-routine occupations.

Get the full report at KPMG UK

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