Robots are changing the face of customer service

Robots like Hilton’s “Connie” are already handling guest experiences in hotels, restaurants, and shops around the world

Mar 23, 2023

While robots are likely to take over some front-line jobs that are standardized and routine - the grocery cashier or hotel front-desk clerk, for example - the diversity and complexity of human nature is likely to still require that humans are involved in even these forms of service.

Key takeaways

  • They have the potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and automate tedious tasks;
  • Outside of the occasional glitch or software update, robots are available to work 24/7 without sick leave, holidays, or PTO, guaranteeing that the hotel is always staffed for customers’ convenience;
  • But to see these gains, Robot technology should not simply be added as a novelty, but carefully integrated to deliver value to customers and support employees - maintaining a balance between automation and human interaction.

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