Social media plays biggest role in attracting tourists to Florida

A recent survey conducted by the University of Florida indicates that social media plays a significant role in enticing people to the Sunshine State

Jun 9, 2023

The objective of the survey of the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute at UF, was to examine the factors influencing individuals’ decision-making process when considering a vacation in Florida. The study encompassed twelve variables, ranging from infrastructure development, culture, and tourist attractions, to technological advancements and price competitiveness.

Key takeaways

  • According to the data, 40% of the 1,528 people polled named social media as a key factor in their vacation decisions, while 18 percent were influenced by TV shows and travel-related content;
  • Both local visitors and out-of-state travelers expressed that several secondary factors influenced their travel decisions, including the state’s natural beauty, price competitiveness, availability of tourist attractions, and the level of crowdedness.

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