The 5 consumer and travel trends guiding Choice Hotels

The company has identified five long-term consumer trends impacting the travel and hospitality industry, termed the five Rs

Feb 2, 2024

For 80 years, Choice Hotels has focused on franchisees, hospitality and technology. Recently, there’s been a shift toward the consumer, excelling in guest strategy, loyalty and experiences. Today, the hotel brand utilizes diverse consumer insights to ensure it caters to guests’ specific needs for various occasions.

Key takeaways

  • Rising wages: With the average American’s income increasing by 6% since 2020, that allows for more spending on priorities like travel.
  • Remote work: As the flexibility of working from anywhere post-Covid extends hotel stays, people are blending leisure and work.
  • Reshoring and rebuilding America: Increased manufacturing is bringing more industrial workers to hotels.
  • Road trips: Roadside hotels have seen a rise in bookings as people opt for car travel post-pandemic.
  • Retirement: The growing number of retirees is driving diverse hotel stays.

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